Quinoa/Kale Mixture


This simple combination supplies the two key requirements of birds: cover and feed. The kale provides excellent winter cover and supports the quinoa plants. Quinoa can provide 1-2 tonnes per acre of high protein feed from late autumn. To establish a good crop sow between April and May into a well worked seedbed which is free of weeds.

Persistence (0-10 Years)

Contents per Acre%kg
certified INKA kale60.01.800
certified REDSTART fodder rape/kale hybrid6.70.200
Units AcHaKg

£49.57 / Acre

Sowing rate: 3.0kg/acre (7.5kg/ha)

Minimum order 1 acre

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Kale is the highest yielding brassica and being winter hardy, can relieve pressure on winter forage. It has a high protein content and is usually grazed between September and March, depending on sowing time. It can be grazed by most livestock including sheep and cattle.

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Kale/Rape Hybrid

This is a hybrid or cross of two separate brassica parent plants, the kale plant and forage rape. The resulting hybrid has the quick speed of establishment of forage rape and the winter hardiness of kale. There are several varieties available on the market. We generally stock the variety Redstart, however Swift is a sister variety with similar attributes.

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Quinoa has been cultivated for centuries for its small grains. Recently we have seen an emerging market to grow the crop in the Uk. While this market may expand, most commonly the plant is used as a seed bearing species for game covers and wild bird food mixtures under environmental stewardship.

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