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Sowing & Growing: Short and Sturdy Game Cover

This annual mix is ideal for growing alongside maize to act as a windbreak on exposed sites or to create a dense flushing point in front of the gun line.

Suitable soils: This mix grows on most soils apart from very wet and heavy sites.

When to sow: This mixture should be sown in the spring when soils are warm and the risk of frost has passed. Sowing From May onwards is recommended, similar to the sowing time of Mazie.

How to sow: A well worked weed-free seedbed is required. Aim to create several flushes of weeds which can be sprayed off or cultivated before sowing. 

Drill the seed mix at 10-15 mm depth. This mix can be sown on wide rows to allow game birds to move through the cover or in narrow rows to create a denser block of cover as a flushing point or windbreak

Management: This annual mix will need re sowing each year.
Herbicide options are available depending on weed burden etc.

Nutrient requirements
Game crops require P and K levels to be ADAS Index 2 and benefit from 20-50 kg N/ha in the seedbed or an application once established. Alternatively, the site should be spread with FYM before sowing in the spring.

Date Posted: 10th February 2023


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