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Sowing & Growing: Game

Whether you run a small local syndicate or a large estate shoot it is important to produce good, reliable crops that provide plenty of shelter, cover and seed.

Suitable soils

These crops grow well in most soil types.

When to sow

Most game crops are spring sown after frost risk has passed to provide cover and feed from late summer. Start planting the mixes of millet, maize, kale, sunflowers and canary grass in mid April, with dwarf sorghum better if drilled in May or June. The only exception is the quick-growing Retrieve Mixture which can be drilled anytime from April to September if there is sufficient soil moisture.

How to sow

A well worked weed-free seedbed is required and a stale seedbed is often useful. Large seeds such as maize, sunflower and sorghum are usually drilled but small seeded species such as kale and mustard may be broadcast.


Game crops should require little management once established.

Nutrient requirements 

Game crops require P and K levels to be ADAS Index 2 and benefit from 20-30kg N/ha in the seed bed.


Date Posted: 21st January 2018


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