Vegetative Growth

Forage Rape


(Brassica napus)

A quick growing, leafy brassica plant, this species provides a very palatable, high yielding, protein rich crop for livestock.


Forage for livestock grazing and a break crop between grass to grass reseeds.


An annual species


This species is fast to establish and provides plenty of winter forage for livestock. It is a useful break crop for arable rotations, encouraging the return of manure to hungry arable land. An important break crop between grass reseeds to reduce pests and disease, which is particularly important with the withdrawal of key insecticides.

Frost Tolerance

Reasonable frost tolerance.


4.5t DM per ha.

Sowing Rate Advice

4kg per acre / 10kg per ha.

On productive land with a good quality seed bed, sowing rates maybe dropped to 3kg per acre if drilled and given good seed to soil contact by rolling.

Mixture Sowing Rate Advice

0.5kg per acre / 1.25kg per ha.

Sometimes mixed with stubble turnips as an over winter sheep fattening mixture.

Ideal Sowing Time

It has a wide sowing window from spring until autumn, depending where the space falls in the rotation.


Strip grazing will utilise the crop most efficiently. If the plant is not over grazed, and the stock are excluded to allow it to recover, some regrowth may occur, for a second grazing.

Distinguishing characteristics


The seed is a rounded shape, varying in colour from dark brown to black. It has a smooth texture and is approximately 2mm in size.


The seedling produces two kidney shaped, waxy cotyledons on long stalks. As the first true leaf appears, the leaf veins become more obvious, along with the toothed leaf margins.

Vegetative State

Flowering Plant
An upright, leafy green plant, often mealy to the touch. Leaves have a very prominent mid rib. With angular toothed margins. If allowed to seed it produces yellow flowers. A shallow rooting species.

Additional Info

Average seeds per kg - 300 000. Average protein content 19%. Growth Period 12 weeks.

Works well with

It can be used with other palatable brassicas for livestock grazing, or with mustard and radish for quick growing, 'patch up' cover for failed game crops.

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