Vegetative Growth
Flowering Plant



(Sinapsis alba)

Mustard is a rapidly growing, high biomass, nitrogen lifter for growing over the summer. It is one of the quickest growing, green manuring species and is very good at suppressing weeds.


Used for creating short term green cover and game cover.


Mustard is an annual species, it has very short persistence and can start to flower after 4-6 weeks. Reaching full growth in 10 weeks.


An N holder. Mustard rapidly produces large amounts of biomass. Mustard is vigorously competitive against weeds from an early stage and most mustard crops have very few weeds. Some varieties are used for the control of pests in soil through bio-fumigation. In terms of cost it is one of the most economic green manure species.

Frost Tolerance

Mustard's frost tolerance is relatively poor, with leaves breaking down after a few mild frosts. This can be useful as it allows the crop to be easily incorporated.


5t DM per ha on good soils.

Sowing Rate Advice

8kg per acre / 20kg per ha

Sowing rates are variable if covering large areas.

Mixture Sowing Rate Advice

0.5 - 2kgs per acre / 1.25 - 5kg per ha.

Mustard is aggressive and can smother out other species in a mixture if it is included at a high rate.

Ideal Sowing Time

Either autumn or any time after March as a short term crop.


It is not usual practice to top mustard, except immediately prior to incorporation. If sown in spring, flea beetle can hamper the establishment, although most crops will grow through this, due to the speed of early establishment. As with all brassicas, pigeons can cause devastation at any stage. It is important to bear in mind that mustard is both susceptible and a host to club root, so thought should be given to the rotation if other brassicas like OSR or Sugar Beet are grown.

Distinguishing characteristics


This rounded seed is a pale yellow colour, with a dull, matt texture. It is approximately 0.3mm in size.


Mustard produces a pair of heart shaped, rounded, waxy cotyledons. The edges of the cotyledons are smooth. The plant quickly produces the first true leaf, which is larger with serrated margins.

Vegetative State

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
Normally a rich green colour, with a fleshy hollow stalk. Rough and hairy to the touch. The leaves are lobed and angular, with toothed margins. The flowers are a yellow to pale yellow / white colour. It grows from a short, stubby taproot.

Additional Info

Average seeds per kg - 100 000.

Works well with

If compaction and drainage is an issue, combining mustard with deeper rooting, brassicas like fodder radish or tillage radish can help.

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