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Multi Species 8 Way Cover Crop (SAM2) 70% Organic


Multi species mixture to reliably produce more biomass than monoculture. This low cost mixture with highly diverse 8 way multi species content to maximise the benefits. Use to improve soil structure, nutrient availability, water holding capacity and to enhance and improve soil micro biology.

Contents per Acre%kg
certified ORGANIC rye41.13.700
certified ORGANIC vetch22.22.000
certifed black oats14.41.300
certified ORGANIC mustard6.70.600
certified fodder radish6.10.550
certifed winter linseed5.60.500
cerified phacelia3.30.300
certified tillage radish0.60.050
Units AcHaKg

£26.68 / Acre

Sowing rate: 9.0kg/acre (22.5kg/ha)

Minimum order 1 acre

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Black Oats

Black oats are sometimes known as Japanese or bristle oats. They are similar in terms of their appearance to common oats, but are larger in size and deeper rooting. They are generally used as a soil improving crop or green manure. They may be especially useful if brassicas already form an important part of the rotation and subsequently cannot be used as a green manure.

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Fodder Radish

Also commonly known as oil radish, fodder radish is a brassica, it is not a legume but it will hold any residual nitrogen in the soil, which it will then release as it breaks down over time. This species is slower to flower and go to seed than mustard and produces a deeper root system.

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For many years linseed, as known as flax was an important component of fabric and linen yarn, it is also important because of its seeds, from which linseed oil is obtained. In the Uk linseed can be a component of game cover mixtures and over-winter wild bird seed mixtures.

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Mustard is a rapidly growing, high biomass, nitrogen lifter for growing over the summer. It is one of the quickest growing, green manuring species and is very good at suppressing weeds.

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Phacelia is a rapidly growing, high biomass plant. It is a nitrogen holder and weed suppressor. Its eye catching purple flowers are particularly good at attracting bees and other beneficial insects.

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Also known as grazing or cereal rye, this is one of the most effective crops for reducing nitrogen leaching over the winter and it also has good early winter growth, making it one of the best winter green manures. It will also give the earliest spring growth, which may be used for clean early spring grazing. It should not be confused with Ryegrass, as this is a different species, with different characteristics

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Tillage Radish

Tillage radish is a deep rooted brassica, used to improve soil structure. It has a deep rooting ability to break through compacted layers and plough pans, creating better drainage and air movement within the soil. Although originally utilised in the states, it has been used in the Uk for the last several years.

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Vetch is a well known legume also known as common vetch or tares. It scrambling, smothering growth habit and frost tolerance make it a very useful winter cover crop or green manure.

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