Vegetative Growth
Flowering Plant

Festulolium (Hybrid)



Festulolium is a natural hybridisation of ryegrass and fescue species, combining the stress resistant genes of fescue with the bulky yield of ryegrass. To provide a more resilient species, with a better tolerance of drought or water logged soils, while still providing high yielding, very palatable forage.


Generally an upright grass, suitable for cutting.


The persistence of the festulolium species depends on which species were used in the breeding process. If a short term ryegrass such as Italian ryegrass is used, generally the persistence will be 2 - 3 years, future breeding will provide longer term species.


A versatile species, which can grow on more variable soils than a pure ryegrass plant, The deeper root structure helps it to establish on ground that is suffering from a lack of moisture or potentially suffers from occasional waterlogging.

Frost Tolerance

Good frost tolerance


14 - 18t of dry matter per ha (similar to Italian or hybrid ryegrass).

Sowing Rate Advice

14kg per acre / 35kg per ha.

Ideal Sowing Time

This quick to establish species can be sown from March to September.

Distinguishing characteristics


The seed is a narrow and thin oblong. It has a beige to light brown colour, with a smooth, papery texture. This is one of the larger, bolder grass seeds, reaching 6 - 7mm in length.

Vegetative State

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
As itís a cross between ryegrass and fescue species (either tall fescue or meadow fescue) it is difficult to guarantee which part of the plant morphology will be present.

Additional Info

Ongoing breeding work will produce more varietal choice. Currently aberniche and lofa are two commercially available varieties, aberniche is the first festulolium to be placed on the UK recommended list.

Works well with

When mixed with Italian ryegrass it produces a high yielding drought resistant silage ley that lasts for 2 years, it could also be mixed with red clover to increase protein levels in the silage.

You can find Festulolium (Hybrid) in the following mixtures