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Chicken Scratcher Sward

Ref: mix12

A tough, well proven mixture which provides a dense and resilient turf for hens. The seeds should be sown in to a warm seedbed. Therefore very early spring or late autumn sowing should be avoided. The suggested sowing rate of 23kg/acre is important to achieve the hardwearing turf required to tolerate close grazing and constant wear.

Persistence (0-10 Years)
Grazing Suitability (1-5)
Cutting Suitability (1-5)

Contents per Acre%kg
certified Jubilee turf/dwarf ryegrass34.88.000
certified TODDINGTON perennial ryegrass34.88.000
certified MAXIMA creeping red fescue21.75.000
certified Miracle smooth stalked meadow grass8.72.000
Units AcHaKg

£128.20 / Acre

Sowing rate: 23.0kg/acre (57.5kg/ha)

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Birdsfoot trefoil (0.25 Kg) £5.19/Acre
More Info
small white clover for gound cover (0.2 Kg) £3.78/Acre
More Infosmall white clover hugs the ground and due to it's spreading nature improves mixture resilience, staying green all year round. Being a legume it also fixes nitrogen to help support grass groth.
Minimum order 1 acre

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Creeping Red Fescue

Often known as Strong Red Fescue, this common grass, as its name implies, has creeping rhizomes . It has a more vigorous creeping habit than some similar species which can help to create a dense, hardwearing turf or sward. These shallow creeping roots help it to remain green even in drier soils.

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Dwarf / Turf Perennial Ryegrass

Dwarf ryegrass is a specifically bred strain of perennial ryegrass, selected for its shorter growth habit and its ability to produce low growing tillers and subsequently a thicker sward than standard ryegrass species.

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Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is the most commonly grown productive grass in the UK, used particularly for livestock grazing and forage. It has been the subject of plant breeding for over 60 years, ensuring there are a wide range of perennial ryegrass varieties available commercially.

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Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass

Found throughout the UK in meadows and traditional pastures. It is said to be one of the greenest grasses found growing in the early spring, and is an indicator of land that is well drained and in good heart. The species itself is palatable, and nutritional to livestock, often called one of the traditional 'sweet grasses'.

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