Cornfield Annuals Mixture

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This spring sown mixture is a fast growing, wildflower blend that shows results in the summer months of the same year. The wildflowers in this mix, if managed correctly can shed their seed to produce wildflowers again the following year. But to show the best result, reseeding the area annually is recommended. Please note that this mixture attracts VAT which will be added on at checkout.The sowing rate for this mixture is variable depending on the size of the area to cover, a full rate of 10 kgs per acre will give a vivid and bright, eye catching display of colour, however more economical rates can be sown at several kilos per acre to give an attractive splash of colour.

Persistence (0-10 Years)

Contents per Kg%kg
Corn Cockle45.00.450
Corn Marigold15.00.150
Field Poppy15.00.150
certified alsike clover10.00.100
Units Kg

£44.58 / Kg

Sowing rate: 6.0kg/acre (15.0kg/ha)

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Alsike Clover

Alsike clover is a short term perennial that fixes nitrogen. It is a true clover, not a hybrid as the name suggests. Compared to many annual clovers it can be the slowest to flower after a spring sowing.

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