Hard Wearing Lawn with ryegrass

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Designed to produce a tough and durable lawn which is easy to grow and live with. The mixture contains dwarf ryegrass, fescue and bentgrass which together produce a knitted turf and offer unbeatable toughness. We have supplied this mixture for thirty years and frequently hear positive reports from our customers. As well as being used as a lawn, this mixture will produce a suitable turf for caravan parks and airfields. Turf growers also like the blend as it establishes quickly.

Contents per Kg%kg
certified common bentgrass10.00.100
certified slender creeping red fescue40.00.400
certified dwarf/turf perennial ryegrass50.00.500
Units Kg

£5.96 / Kg

Sowing rate: 70g/m2

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Common Bentgrass is a perennial grass with fine leaves, The seed head is delicate and attractive, opening loosely from late spring through to autumn. Older swards in heavily grazed or trampled areas may form dense, low growing clumps.

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Dwarf / Turf Perennial Ryegrass

Dwarf ryegrass is a specifically bred strain of perennial ryegrass, selected for its shorter growth habit and its ability to produce low growing tillers and subsequently a thicker sward than standard ryegrass species.

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Slender Creeping Red Fescue

This densely tufted or mat forming species has a creeping growth habit, sending out rhizomes. It can form a close turf with bristle like, dark green, glossy leaves. It has uses in agricultural and amenity situations.

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