Sweet Vernal Grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum)


An early flowering grass, strongly scented with coumarin, often found in old pastures and meadows. At one time it was included in seed mixtures as its scent was evident in hay but, as it has a high proportion of stem to leaf, it is unpalatable to stock. It is anattractive grass but seed is a little expensive so it is usually included at a low percentage in seed mixtures (2,500,000 seeds per kg).

Persistence (0-10 Years)
Grazing Suitability (1-5)
Cutting Suitability (1-5)

£59.95 / Kg

Sowing rate: 8.0kg/acre (20.0kg/ha)

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Sweet Vernal Grass

An early flowering grass, strongly scented with coumarin, when cut as part of a hay crop it is this plant that gives hay its sweet smell. It is an adaptable plant, found growing in a wide range of habitats, with a high stem to leaf ratio.

Sweet Vernal Grass Species Guide