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Mob-Grazing Guide

It seems that everyone’s talking about mob-grazing these days - a term used to describe a method of grazing and frequently moving livestock systematically around a field to graze different sections in rotation. It’s cheap, as a managed diverse ley reduces the need for inputs, chemical fertilisers and feed supplements, since crops with overlapping growth patterns provide year-round forage. But is it for you and if so, how do you go about implementing it?

We’ve produced a ‘Guide to Mob-Grazing’ which covers everything from ‘What is Mob-Grazing’, to its benefits and whether or not it might be right for your farm. It then goes on to discuss how to get started, with sections giving information and advice on fencing, water supply and moving animals.

You can download a copy here or call to request a printed version.

Date Posted: 13th July 2016


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