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Cornfield Annuals Mixture

Pollen & Nectar Source
This product contains flowering species which are beneficial for pollinating insects like bees and butterflies.
Annual Species
Contains annual plants which usually die once they have flowered. Most annuals establish and set seed in the same year.
Fast Establishment
Quick to establish with rapid growth. Very competitive against weeds and fast to recover after cutting/grazing.
Ref: MIXANN. This spring sown mixture is a fast growing, wildflower blend that shows results in the summer months of the same year. The wildflowers in this mix, if managed correctly can shed their seed to produce wildflowers again the following year. But to show the best result, reseeding the area annually is recommended. Please note that this mixture attracts VAT which will be added on at checkout. Mixture Contents...
Persistence (0-10 Years)
Wild Flower
Conventional Only

Sowing rate: 2.0kg/acre (5.0kg/ha)

£63.05 / kg

Units Kg

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Cotswold Wild Flora

A very colourful mixture of native perennial and annual wild flowers and grasses. This is our most popular wild flower mixture. We include annual species in the mixture to give an exceptional show of vivid colour during the first year. From the second year the perennial flower species begin to increase and just get better year by year. Sow between March and early May, or August and early October.