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Now is the time for Winter Forage Crops!

While the rain has certainly made harvesting difficult in the last few weeks, those fields that are cleared provide a great opportunity to plant fast growing forage crops for livestock.

For those looking to harvest Wheat in 2-3 weeks time, now is also the time to broadcast these seeds into standing stubbles to steal a few weeks' growth.

Please see below for a run down of summer sowing options:

Stubble Turnips - A high protein, fast growing crop that can be sown from now until mid/end of August, these can be sown into a worked seedbed or direct drilled.

Sow at 2kgs per acre. Later sowings can reduce bulb size as we head towards autumn.

Forage Rape - This leafy, well known crop takes about 10-12 weeks to establish from sowing. If planted now it will be ready for grazing earlier than Stubble Turnips which is ideal for later autumn grazing.,provide%20forage%2012%20weeks%20later.

Early Fold Root Mix - A mix of Stubble Turnip and Forage Rape, this mix will be Stubble Turnip dominant. The inclusion of Forage Rape helps to boost the protein level.

Hybrid Rape Kale:

Interval - A fast growing crossing of True Kale and Forage Rape, this species takes 10-12 weeks to establish and suits pre-Christmas grazing for sheep or cattle.

Redstart - This is another Hybrid Rape Kale, with more of the kale parentage, which improves winter hardiness and better regrowth after grazing. It suits post Christmas grazing.

Please call us for sowing rates and establishment advice.

We also have a range of arable cover crop and catch crop options, many of which are tailored for specific situations at no extra cost.

Date Posted: 25th July 2023