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Sowing & Growing: Wood meadowgrass

Wood meadowgrass (Poa nemoralis) is a fine leaved, perennial grass. It can be found growing in woodland glades and hedgerows. It often forms part of a shade tolerant grass or grass and wildflower seed mixture.

When to sow: This species can be sown at most times of the year but will germinate more quickly in warm soils.

Preparation: A fine but firm seedbed should be created, care should be taken to remove any weeds from the area. Once sown the area should be lightly raked over to cover the seed and well consolidated with a roller or similar seed to encourage maximum seed to soil contact and conserve moisture. Seedbeds should not be left unconsolidated and if you leave a footprint on a newly sown area it should be rolled again.

Sowing: Broadcast the seed then roll or consolidate the ground afterwards. If adding to existing grass, cut the grass back very short then rake/scarify the ground, broadcast the seed and roll it afterwards.

Management: Heavy wear and constant grazing will most likely damage wood meadow grass, it suits ares with less frequent use and broken canopies or dappled shade, like woodland rides and clearings.

Date Posted: 15th February 2023


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