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Pollen & Nectar: Sowing & Growing

Suitable soils

Pollen and nectar mixes are best sited on light to medium soils that are free draining, not north facing and have a pH of 6.0 to 8.0. Heavier soils will favour the grasses in the mixture, potentially reducing the successful establishment of wild flowers. 

When to sow 

These seeds can be sown spring (March to May) or autumn (August to mid Sept) when the soil is warm.

How to sow

Control existing weeds with a stale seedbed technique, ideally creating several weed flushes before sowing. All these seeds are small and must be surface sown (10 mm max) into a fine seed bed and rolled before and after sowing, unconsolidated, puffy seedbeds can lead to poor establishment.


Mow regularly during the first year to control weeds as herbicide use is very limited. Pollen and nectar mixtures are best mown after flowering, with the cuttings removed where possible to encourage further flowering. Clover-based mixtures last for three or four years and then need replacing, but wild flower mixture should be permanent.

Nutrient requirements

No N needed but P and K should be ADAS Index 2.


Date Posted: 22nd January 2018


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