Flowering Plant

Field Scabious

Wild Flower

(Knautia arvensis)

Field Scabious is a light blue/violet sometimes pink flower and has the special characteristic of being able to change colour, it grows from 30-90cm in height with beautiful single flowers.


It can be a useful component of mixtures designed to create chalk and limestone meadows.


A long term perennial plant, it may take several years to fully establish.

Frost Tolerance

Field Scabious is extremely cold hardy.

Ideal Sowing Time

Sow in the autumn or spring.


This is a low maintenance species.

Distinguishing characteristics


This seed has an angular, oblong shape. It is green to gold in colour, with a smooth texture and occasional whispy hairs. It is approximately 5 mm in length


The seedling has a pair of rounded cotyledons and a prominent mid vein. The first true leaves have a minutely hair covering.

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
This is a tall, dull green, upright plant in its growth habit. The stems and leaves are obviously bristley or hairy with paired leaves, opposite each side of the stem. The leaves towards the base of the plant are lanceolate in shape and generally undivided, further up the stem the leaves are pinnate, with narrow segments. The flower head is mauve to violet in colour and disc shaped, each flower is on long slender stalks.

Additional Info

Flowers June-October. Other common names include blackamoor's beauty, pins-and-needles, snake flower, and curly head. When tobacco smoke is blown on to the leaves they turn bright green.

You can find Field Scabious in the following mixtures


Field scabious got its common name from the fact that in the old days, the plant had been used to treat scabies and other skin diseases.