Vegetative Growth
Flowering Plant

Berseem Clover


(Trifolium alexandrinum)

This is a short term legume also known as Egyptian clover. It provides fast growing biomass and nitrogen fixation when sown in warm soils.


Zero grazing or hay making, also used as a short term soil improving green manure. It's high growing point makes it generally unsuitable to grazing, unless grazing to terminate. Some recent work using it as a companion crop with oil seed rape to enhance rooting.


An annual species.


A quick growing, fleshy, high biomass crop. With it's low frost tolerance the green material can break down quickly, making it easy to incorporate before the following crop.

Frost Tolerance

Generally not a winter hardy species, this trait can be utilised to kill off over winter before a spring sown crop.


Approximate yields have shown 3.5 - 4.5t DM/ha.

Sowing Rate Advice

5kgs per acre / 12.5kg per ha.

As with other clover seeds, it is critical to sow this seed to a shallow depth on a fine, firm seedbed. Sowing too deep will dramatically affect plant establishment.

Ideal Sowing Time

Berseem clover should be sown when soils are warm (the soil should be no less than a constant 7 degrees temperature, or on the rise). This is usually from April through to early September, with adequate soil moisture.


Cutting or grazing after flowering or late in the season will give little regrowth.

Distinguishing characteristics


It is a rounded, oblong shape and varies in colour from pale yellow to beige. It is smooth and dull in texture, reaching 2mm in length.


The seedling develops two rounded to oblong cotyledons with very short petioles. The first true leaf is on a longer stalk, with an angularly margined rounded leaf.

Vegetative State

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
A dark green plant with thin, oval trifoliate leaves, the stipules are membranous. It has an upright, erect growth habit. The flower heads are white and slightly oblong to oval in shape, compared to white clover. The root system is generally shallow and fibrous, rather than penetrating to depth.

Additional Info

Average number of seeds per kg 400 000. Average protein content 17%.

Works well with

It can be combined with aggressive annual grass species like westerwold ryegrass or other annual clovers like persian and crimson, for a soil improving mixtures.

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