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Vineyard Annual Fertility Building Mix 70% Organic


This mixture combines several annual clovers, they will grow away quickly in warm spring soils, normally flowering 2-3 months after sowing (end of April onwards). These leguminous plants will start to fix nitrogen and build soil fertility after 8-10 weeks and grow from May until September.This mixture can either be sown during the development phase of the vineyard, to prove a fertility boost to tired soils which may have been over worked and neglected in the past. This mix can also provide a great resource for bees and other benifical pollinators when planted in small areas each spring, once the vineyard has been created.The benefit of these annual species is that they can be moved or mulched to terminate the mix in the autumn.

Contents per Kg%kg
certified KARDINAL ORGANIC crimson clover50.00.500
certified AXI berseem clover30.00.300
certified PASAT ORGANIC persian clover20.00.200
Units AcHaKg

£8.13 / Kg

Sowing rate: 5.0kg/acre (12.5kg/ha)

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Beneficial Soil Microbes for plant nutrition (0.1 Kg) £2.72/Kg
More InfoRe-introduce lost biology back into your soil by using 'Beneficial Soil Microbes'. Healthy soils require key pioneer microbe species in order to support maximum plant performance, and transfer key nutrients, such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to your crops. Years of intensive farming can destroy these important microbe populations, so re-establishing them can play an important part in the recovery of your soil's fertility. Read more here:
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Berseem Clover

This is a short term legume also known as Egyptian clover. It provides fast growing biomass and nitrogen fixation when sown in warm soils.

Berseem Clover Species Guide  Buy Berseem Clover Straight


Crimson Clover

An annual legume and true clover, traditionally sown in the south east of England for over-winter sheep keep.

Crimson Clover Species Guide  Buy Crimson Clover Straight


Persian Clover

A legume species which is widely used across Europe. It is less common in the UK but can be a useful forage plant. This short term annual fixes nitrogen and is capable of rapid growth making it ideal for providing a quick boost to soil fertility where there is a window of 5-9 months. When in flower Persian clover has a particularly pleasing smell.

Persian Clover Species Guide  Buy Persian Clover Straight

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