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Westerwold and Vetch Mix - Six Month Ley - 70% ORGANIC

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A good balance between a vigorous grass and a fast growing short term legume, this mixture can be used to provide a very large cut or early spring grazing and is an economical, effective option for over-winter soil management too. For over-wintering sowing should take place by late September. The mixture can be incorporated in April or May. (For livestock farms it may be left and made into silage in late May.) Westerwolds ryegrass will regrow after cutting so can be left through the summer for further cutting or mulching. To minimise the risk of ryegrass seed being shed, it is advisable to cut before the seed heads are visible.

Persistence (0-10 Years)
Grazing Suitability (1-5)
Cutting Suitability (1-5)

Contents per Acre%kg
certified MILUKA ORGANIC vetch70.018.900
certified LIFLORIA westerwolds ryegrass30.08.100
Units AcHaKg

£89.24 / Acre

Sowing rate: 27.0kg/acre (67.5kg/ha)

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Beneficial Soil Microbes for plant nutrition (0.5 Kg) £13.60/Acre
More InfoRe-introduce lost biology back into your soil by using 'Beneficial Soil Microbes'. Healthy soils require key pioneer microbe species in order to support maximum plant performance, and transfer key nutrients, such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to your crops. Years of intensive farming can destroy these important microbe populations, so re-establishing them can play an important part in the recovery of your soil's fertility. Read more here:
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Vetch is a well known legume also known as common vetch or tares. It scrambling, smothering growth habit and frost tolerance make it a very useful winter cover crop or green manure.

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Westerwold Ryegrass

Westerwolds is the highest yielding ryegrass with similar forage quality to the well known Italian ryegrass. This is an annual form of ryegrass which is very fast to establish, producing a silage crop just 12 weeks from sowing. It is the only grass to produce a stem and seed head from a spring sowing, making it suitable for the production of hay for horses, from a spring planting.

Westerwold Ryegrass Species Guide  Buy Westerwold Ryegrass Straight

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