New Mixtures for 2020

Posted: 28th January 2020

We’ve been busy working on our new catalogue which will be landing on your doormats in just a few weeks. As well as new First Hand case studies and updated information, look out for some brand new mixtures. We’ve expanded our game section with three new mixtures and there’s also a new hay mix and a grazeable cover crop, designed to suit mixed arable and livestock farms. 

The new Diverse Grazable Cover Crop offers ground cover and livestock forage and is a great mix for a joint arable and livestock venture. The mix contains soil conditioning phacelia, fodder and tillage radish, combined with high protein vetch, forage rape and turnips, improving palatability and liveweight gain for stock.  

The Westerwold Hay Mix, a one year ley, is a flexible cutting option which produces a short term, clean, high quality hay. Due to its rapid growth and high biomass, Westerwold Ryegrass can be difficult to dry properly so this mix includes high levels of diploid Westerwold which contains less moisture and dries evenly, therefore speeding up the hay making process.

As its name implies, the FlexiCover One Year Game Mix, is a flexible flexible mixture that combines brassicas, sorghums and cereals. Sowing in wide rows allows game birds easier movement if pushing them into a flushing point, or you can sow in narrow rows to create a denser holding cover or windbreak alongside maize. The FlexiCover Two Year Game Mix includes Kale to prolong the longevity of this mixture so it can last for the full two years. 

The Cotswold Partridge Mix includes species designed to attract partridge, as well as creating a broken canopy with room for birds to move through the cover. The Cotswold Game Cover Kale Mix combines the red stemmed, leafy Polycaul Kale with the medium to short variety Keeper Kale. The combination of two leafy varieties and good lodging resistance allows birds access and movement through the cover.

Full details of contents and sowing rates etc will be included in the new catalogue and updated pages on our website.