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New EU Legume Research Project Given Go Ahead

It has been announced that a new 4.1 million euro research project into forage legumes has been given the green light by the EU. 

The project, 'LegumePlus', is a continuation of the EU 'Healthy Hay' project which re-evaluated the role for sainfoin, a fascinating - and underused - legume. 

LegumePlus will carry on researching uses for sainfoin as well as widening the scientists' scope to include examinations of red clover and birdsfoot trefoil.

The researchers will look into the forage value and environmental impact of these legumes as well as increasing understanding of how the tannins they contain impact on animal health and the food chain.

The project, lead by Dr Irene Mueller-Harvey of Reading University, commences in January and will last for 4 years. Its overall aim is to encourage the use of legumes in modern agriculture.

Date Posted: 29th November 2011


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