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Should lawns be cut during the winter?

As grass growth usually slows right down during the cold winter months there is no need to cut the grass on lawns and verges. However, during mild spells - such as the one much of the country is going through now - it can continue to grow.

As the weather changes between mild spells and cold snaps this can leave winter lawns looking rather untidy. In this case, the mower can be got out of the shed, but timing is all important.

Never mow the lawn if the turf is wet as this can harm the lawn and leave lasting damage. Similarly, if frost is forecast it is best not to mow as newly-cut leaf blades will be harmed when the temperature drops below zero.

Obviously when mowing in the winter or early spring it is also important to avoid newly emerging bulbs as cutting snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils or tulips before they have flowered will spoil a spring display.

In most years the winter means a good few months off for the lawn mower - and the person who pushes it - but for tidy-minded gardeners in warmer districts, if the mild weather continues this winter, it might mean the mower is required before the spring.

Date Posted: 10th January 2014


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