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Time to Get your CoverCoat On

Our clay seed coating, CoverCoat, launched earlier this year, has had its first season and received lots of interest. But since it’s primarily of use to arable farmers looking for the most effective ways to broadcast seeds for cover crops into a standing crop before harvest, we’re entering the busiest season for CoverCrop orders, with farmers making the most of the long days and warm temperature prior to harvesting.

 The best and cheapest way to sow seed into a standing crop is to broadcast it and the further the seed can be spread, the cheaper and faster it is too, which is why it’s so beneficial that the  the clay seed coating on Covercoat spreads up to 50% further.  Covercoat increases the weight of the seed so that it can either be flung with a Vicon or spun with a Stocks. Quicker germination is another bonus since the coated seed is able to obtain soil moisture more easily and hold it near to the seed for longer. The coated seeds find their way down through a standing crop to the soil pre harvest to get a head start in warm growing conditions. In warm soils and in just 10 weeks, cover crop mixes containing legumes can provide 150 kg of N per hectare from a summer sowing.

For the rest of 2016, coating your arable cover crop seed won’t cost a penny more than buying your seed uncoated! Please just ask for Covercoat seed.

Date Posted: 4th August 2016