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Honeydale Honey

We have now filtered our first harvest of honey to remove any impurities, and after being allowed to settle for a week, the honey has been put into jars. We have chosen not to heat treat or pasteurise Honeydale Honey, so it will be raw and contain all of it's natural goodness. Although we’ve never planned to sell this first sample harvest, we can say that it tastes absolutely fantastic with a deliciously sweet, fresh and well-rounded flavour with a lovely light-golden colour, which all bodes well for the future. 

Paul’s regular inspection of the Honeydale beehives has also revealed that both are looking very healthy, with lots of eggs and both queens present. The frames, which were put back in the hive after harvesting the honey, are now squeaky clean thanks to the busy bees, and have been removed so that the foundation can be replaced and the frames reused in due course. The bees in both hives have also made a good start at filling their next super, so we are hoping to have a second harvest at the end of the season.

Date Posted: 15th August 2016


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