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Calculating areas of fodder crops for livestock

Crop area required for 100 animals for 1 month

Crop Fresh Yield Sheep Cattle Growing Time
Swede 21/tonnes per acre 1.9 acres 4.8 acres 20-26 Weeks
Kale 16/tonnes per acre 2.5 acres 4.3 acres 20-26 Weeks
Forage Rape 13/tonnes per acre 3.0 acres 6.3 acres 10-12 Weeks
Stubble Turnip 13/tonnes per acre 3.0 acres 6.3 acres 9-12 Weeks


Fresh yields may vary by up to one third depending on location, soil type and weather conditions.

The area requirement for sheep is for ewes or fattening lambs and assumes the fodder crop contributes the whole diet.

The area for cattle is calculated to produce 2.5kg of dry matter per day (about one quater of daily requirement).

Date Posted: 29th March 2017


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