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Grass Mixes for Solar Parks

Farmers are increasingly taking advantage of green energy subsidies by turning parts of their land into solar farms. Solar panels often known as arrays, are usually mounted 1.5- 2.5 metres above the ground, so the question is what best to grow beneath them. Contractors require a grass sward to be low in height  and slow growing to keep grassland maintenance to a minimum, while often landowners require a high quality grazing forage mixture so they can gain grazing revenue by running sheep over the land and in-between the panels.

By creating a high quality sheep pasture, land can offer a dual purpose opportunity, to rent out the land for grazing as well as for generating solar power. A pleasant and tidy green grass can also help mitigate the visual impact of solar panels.

By growing wild flowers beneath solar panels to provide habitats for bees, birds and insects you’ll not only help to lessen the impacts on the environment and thereby soften the public perception of solar farms, but also enhance the local habitat for wildlife.

Date Posted: 18th January 2018


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