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Dual Purpose Swards

These mixtures are ideal for those looking to graze and/or cut a medium to long term ley. They provide high protein grazing and with white clover included in all three, they are largely self-sufficient in nitrogen. (Of course the benefits derived from clover are proportional to the amount in the sward, both in terms of animal nutrition and nitrogen fixing.) 

If using the mix for silage or hay, the ley should be shut up at least six weeks before cutting, with the best combination of yield and quality coming from grasses that are just beginning to produce a seed head and clovers in bud or early flower. A first cut of silage is ready during late May. These leys will provide a second cut but are usually grazed.

These three mixes are among our most popular. The ‘Milk-Meat’ combination has been in use since the Second World War and sown on, we estimate, over a quarter of a million acres.

Date Posted: 17th January 2018


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