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Start over-seeding your weather beaten pastures now

Spring is finally in the air. Last year was very challenging being the wettest in living memory and the waterlogged land is finally drying up after the continual rain, snow and cold conditions. The ground temperature is at last at the point where overseeding can take place to revitalise the weather beaten pastures.

Its now time to start harrowing and rolling. 

Whilst harrowing we also recommend broadcasting grass seed, to either over-seed existing growth or re-seed bare patches such as through gateways, at round bale feeder sites and around field shelters. Soil temperatures should be around 5C or above for good germination of grass and 8C for clover. Germination is assisted greatly by rolling with Cambridge rolls or a heavy flat roller. This provides good contact between the small grass seed and soil particles.

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Date Posted: 15th April 2015


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