Flowering Plant

Yarrow Wildflower

Wild Flower

(Achillea millefolium)

This is a common perennial species that flowers late into the season, with tiny disticnt white or pink flowers. The latin 'milfoil' means a thousand leaves and refers to the tiny divide segments of the feathery leaves.


Often used in chalkland meadows.


It is a long term perennial species.


It is reasonably easy to grow and tolerates drier conditions.

Frost Tolerance

Common yarrow is an extremely hardy plant tolerating temperatures well below freezing.

Ideal Sowing Time

It is best to sow Yarrow in late spring/ early summer when the risk of frost has passed.


Common yarrow is an easy-to-care-for flowering perennial.

Distinguishing characteristics


This is a particularly small and light weight seed. It has a light yellow to silvery white colour and flat sided shape with a smooth texture. It is 1-2 mm in length.


The yarrow seedling has a pair of long, but bluntly toothed cotyledons. The first true leaves have a much more feathery and pinnately divided appearance.

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
This is a notiecably dark green plant. The leaves are pinnate and divided, with a soft feathery appearance. It has a strong stalk and can often be seen standing late into the autumn. The flower head has a flat umbelliferous but not disced shape, with creamy white or occasionally pink flowers. The roots are creeping stolons.

Additional Info

Flowers from June - October. It can reach 50 cm in height. The flowers have an aromatic smell.

You can find Yarrow Wildflower in the following mixtures


The plant has traditionally been used as a tonic for medicinal purposes.