Vegetative Growth
Flowering Plant

Gold of Pleasure


(Camelina sativa)

Gold of Pleasure may also be known as camelina or false flax. It is a multi branched, seed bearing, member of the mustard family. Historically it has been cultivated as an agricultural crop. In the Uk it is generally used as a component of sown over-winter wild bird seed mixtures and game cover, due to its ability to produce lots of small seed bearing pods.


Used for game cover and over winter bird food mixtures.


An annual species.


A prolific seeder, this species will provide food for farmland birds into the winter months. It is especially attractive to partridge.

Frost Tolerance

Some frost tolerance, but normally fading away after Christmas.

Sowing Rate Advice

5kg per acre - 12.5kg per ha.

Mixture Sowing Rate Advice

0.5 - 1kg per acre / 1.25 -2.5kg per ha.

Ideal Sowing Time

It should be spring sown from April until early September, into warming soils. A spring sowing will ensure the plant provides maximum seed over the winter.

Distinguishing characteristics


This is a particularly small brassica seed, which has an oblong shape with rounded ends. It is a light brown to beige colour and has a smooth, matt texture. It varies in size between 1.5 and 2mm.


The seedling produces two oblong cotyledons, which are longer than they are wide. The first true leaves have a longer and thinner shape, with a rounded leaf tip and more obvious mid vein.

Vegetative State

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
It is a dark green, upright, but branched plant. The leaves are arrow shaped and pointed, unlike other brassica species. The leaf margins are smooth. The flowers are numerous, normally yellow in colour, eventually bearing fruits in rounded, pear shaped pods. It has a stout, but short root system.

Additional Info

Average seeds per kg -850 000 - 885 000.

Works well with

It can be sown with other seed producing species, like mustard, millet and quinoa. It can be combined with linseed to specifically attract partridge.

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