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Sowing & Growing: Sheeps Parsley

Sheeps parsley (Petroselenium crispum) is a common perennial forage herb. It is known to be high in iron and vitamins A & C. It is also noted that it enhances fertility in breeding stock.

This is a short term species, normally lasting up to two seasons or less if grazed and mown closely.

When to Sow: Generally sown from spring to autumn.

Sowing Rate: 1 g/m2 - 4 kg per acre - 10 kg per ha.

Soil Type: This species can grow particularly well on light, sandy soils.

Preparation: The most successful results come from sowing into a newly prepared seedbed. Aim to cultivate the top soil to about 5cm, with a light cultivator or discs. The finished seedbed should be fine but firm, with no clods. Several passes with a cultivator may be needed to achieve this.

Sowing: Sheep’s parsley should be shallow sown at around 1 cm deep. The soil should be rolled after sowing to increase soil moisture contact with the seed. 

Management: This species is less tolerant of prolonged grazing and heavy trampling. Grazing management is key to ensure the species persists in the sward. Repeated mowing will exhaust and largely eliminate sheep’s parsley.

Date Posted: 12th May 2023


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