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Cotswold Seeds Customer Days @FarmED

Last month a group of Cotswold Seeds customers came to FarmED for a socially distanced farm walk to learn more about the benefits of regenerative agriculture. They heard about our eight year rotation, the seed mixtures we’ve used, and how our crops and livestock are managed to promote biodiversity, sustainability and soil health. 

FarmED was founded by Ian and Celene Wilkinson, the owners of Cotswold Seeds Ltd, which supplies over 15,000 UK farmers with grass seed, legumes, herbs, wildflower and environmental mixes for conventional and organic livestock and arable farmers. 
‘Many of our customers have worked with us for decades and have watched the development of FarmED since we first acquired Honeydale Farm,’ says Ian. ‘It was wonderful to welcome old and new friends, to share thoughts and ideas and talk about the future of farming.’
We hope to be able to organise more Customer Days in 2021.
Customer Day at FarmED


Date Posted: 3rd November 2020


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