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Cotswold Seeds MD, Ian Wilkinson, studied Farm and Grassland Management at BCA Maidenhead, where he also met his wife, Celene and spent a year as Student President under Principal, John Pollard. So it was particularly heartwarming for him to see this social post from his former college: 

‘During the great spell of weather at the start of the month, Nick Manderfield of East Berks Contracting mowed 25-acres of our parkland and a second cut of 25-acres from our autumn sown grass ley from @cotswoldseeds. The mix includes Hybrid Ryegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Medium Leaved White Clover, Cocksfoot, Red Clover, Timothy and Wild White Clover (small-leaved). After a tricky year for grass growth, we're delighted with the harvest. #harvest #cotswoldseeds#eastberkscontracting #farming#agriculture #thisisbca #landbased#college #maidenhead


Date Posted: 27th August 2020


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