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Sowing & Growing - Vineyards

Suitable Soils

These mixtures will grow on most soils, ryegrass based mixtures will suit more moisture retentive soils 

Sowing Rate

Grass based surface mixtures have a range of sowing rates which are determined by the frequency of use and traffic of the site, they are often designed to create a dense turf. These are often broadly similar to lawn and landscape mixtures and are measured in grams per metres squared.

Soil improving cover crops are often sown at a lower rate.

When to Sow

Grass mixtures can be spring sown from March to the end of May or autumn sown from August to September. Mixtures including legumes should be sown into warm soils that are a consistent 7 degrees celsius or on the rise. Summer sowings risk issues with drought and late autumn sowing risk a slow establishment.

How to Sow

Seed mixtures should be sown into fine but firm, weed free soil. Time should be taken to plan ahead and deal with difficult weeds like docks or creeping thistle before sowing, this can include allowing several flushes of weeds and destroying with a herbicide or light cultivation, extra time should be given if planning to sow on soil that has recently be moved or excavated as they may have a high dormant weed burden.

Once sown, the ground should be well rolled to consolidate the seedbed.


Grass only mixtures should be lightly cut 5-7 weeks after sowing to encourage tillering and thicken up the sward. Annual cover crops will be allowed to grow strongly for several months before being terminated by mowing or mulching and incorporated into the soil.

Date Posted: 13th June 2019


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