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2018 Organic Congress

Ian and Sam are both speaking at the Organic Congress next week. This event is organised jointly by leading organic organisations, including the Organic Research Centre and the Soil Association. The workshop/discussion on ‘Coping strategies for livestock farmers under climate change,’ will focus on options for sustainable and resilient forage production with topics including diverse leys and forage crops during and after hot, dry summers. Speakers are: Ian Wilkinson (Honeydale Farm) on diverse leys and year round grazing, Sam Lane (Cotswolds Seeds) on options for drought resistant forage crops and Lindsay Whistance (OTC) on tree fodder. The Chair is William Waterfield.

The Congress is aimed at all involved in or interested in the business of organic food and farming, including, farmers, growers and land managers, food businesses, consultants, land agents, government officials and policy-makers. It will take part at Dunchurch Park Hotel (Rugby Road, Dunchurch, Rugby CV22 6QW).

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Date Posted: 5th November 2018


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