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Bee Update

Today's visit to the bees was thankfully quite straightforward, thanks to both hives and their queens being healthy and performing well. One noticeable point during today's inspection was the large amount of colourful pollen present. Some of the brood frames were almost completely covered in pollen stores. 

Both queens are laying well and we are hoping that both colonies will forage a lot of nectar over the next few weeks, the weather looks good and the rain we've had should ensure the plants and flowers maintain their nectar flow. The swarm box is also stable and doing well, the illusive queen is still laying well and the bee numbers are increasing. We hope to introduce them to a 'National Hive' very soon so that they can start making provision for the winter months.

Another bonus this week is that our Sainfoin has begun it's second flush of flowering (having been cut for hay several weeks ago - let us know if you want some!!) so over the coming few weeks our bees will be spoiled.

Add to this the various environmental mixtures we have planted in field corners (see the bumblebird mixture in the photo) which are doing well, and we should be able to take a second honey harvest later in the season.

Chris has high hopes for the sainfoin this year because we have a second field of sainfoin which has only just been cut in the last few days, so this too will be flowering in a few weeks (hopefully) giving the bees even more succession of pollen & nectar leading into the Autumn.

Date Posted: 30th August 2016


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