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Mob-grazing is a term used to describe a method of frequently moving livestock systematically around a field to to graze different sections in rotation.  

It’s based around the concept of allowing a large number of animals to graze a small area, allowing a diverse sward to grow to a significant height and moving the animals at regular intervals.

The livestock are usually moved daily and are excluded by back-fencing from the area they have just grazed, allowing it to regrow.

The system is getting a lot of attention in the UK and has been popular in the US. It is based on the natural grazing patterns of migratory herding animals.

It’s an alternative to set stocking and rotational grazing that is dependent on maximising the production of a grazing animal. The mob grazing system goes hand in hand with growing diverse leys. If you have grass leys in rotation with arable crops then mob-grazing is worth considering.

Date Posted: 18th January 2018


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