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Intensive Silage

Intensive Silage leys, combining various types of ryegrass, offer ultimate performance with the highest yields for silage. Short and medium term, they last between one and five years.

The characteristics of individual ryegrass varieties have an impact on the timing of the first cut and the potential number of cuts per year. There is also the potential to graze the aftermath with many of these mixtures.

There has been a sharp increase in the use of Westerwolds. Rapid in establishment and quick to produce bulk, these leys are very useful for producing early grazing and silage from autumn sowings. They can also be sown in the spring on moisture-retentive soils to provide heavy summer silage crops. Unlike other ryegrasses, Westerwolds will produce a stem and seed head from a spring sowing. This is useful, especially for the production of high quality horse hay.

Our two to five year seed mixtures are formulated for the focused and intensive farmer who requires silage and grazing leys to have a direct impact on milk or meat production.

In these economic times, the need to maximize milk and meat from efficient forage production is clear. Our mixes are therefore designed to combine exceptionally good yields with the highest nutritive value.

Emphasis is placed on achieving optimum digestibility or D-value at the time of utilisation, as well as high soluble carbohydrate content. Grass varieties in these mixtures give ultimate performance and are highly rated for overall disease resistance which will improve both yield of grass and palatability of forage.

Date Posted: 17th January 2018