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Sainfoin for Forage

Sainfoin, which means ‘healthy or holy hay’,  is a silage or hay crop with aftermath grazing, and in these times of fluctuating feed and veterinary drugs prices, alongside increased environmental demands, there are few crops that tick as many boxes.

It’s a high-yielding, drought-resistant plant which needs no nitrogen fertiliser and little phosphate. It won’t cause bloat, is a natural anthelmintic and, with rumen protected protein, produces top quality meat and milk.

Sainfoin also has deep penetrating roots making it highly suitable for the dry, alkaline soils of England. Over the past decade there has been a resurgence of interest in sainfoin due to its beneficial properties and it was recently the subject of a four year, EU funded research project, LegumePlus.


Date Posted: 17th January 2018


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