What's On At FarmED in the Autumn

Posted: 9th August 2022

What’s On @FarmED

Autumn 2022


Emergent Generation 22: 2nd - 4th September 

FarmED is helping to create a new network of young people who are passionate about food systems that protect and enhance our environment, create thriving communities and deliver affordable healthy food? This 3-day event will include workshops, skill shares and sessions.


Defending & Celebrating Sustainable Beef with Nicolette Hahn Niman: 16th September

Join us for this special event exploring how cattle can be good for the planet and the role of beef in a healthy balanced diet. We are delighted to welcome famed US author, environmental lawyer turned rancher, Nicolette Hahn Niman, to FarmED to talk about her new book, Defending Beef, and to answer your questions. We will celebrate beef with a hearty and nutritious supper from the FarmED kitchen using organic pasture fed beef from a local regenerative farm. Vegetarian options will also be available.

Agroforestry Design Masterclass : 24th - 25th September 

Looking to integrate trees into your farming business but don’t know which trees to plant, how many, or where? Unsure about fencing, or how to market your tree products? In this two-day intensive workshop you will be guided through an intuitive agroforestry design process by some of the UK’s leading agroforestry practitioners.

Regenerative Farming: Soil Health Fundamentals: 26th September 

Would you like to learn how to create healthy soils and resilient fields while reducing reliance on inputs, even during droughts? In this workshop, led by agroecological advisor Niels Corfield, you will learn how to apply the principles of regenerative agriculture to improve and monitor soil health on your farm for optimum crop and livestock performance. 

Biodiversity Farm Walk & Lunch: 30th September

Explore the habitats at Honeydale Farm on a biodiversity themed farm walk, led by local ecologist, Katherine Holmes.

An Introduction to Care Farming : 5th October 

Care farming is the use of farming practices to support individuals with education, health or social care outcomes through purposeful work, outdoor activities and social interactions. This pioneering new course, created by AgriCura, will provide an overview of all aspects of care farming for those considering setting up a care farm or those commissioning care farming services.   

Herbal Ley Establishment & Management : 13th October 

Join us for a one day course on Herbal Leys Establishment and Management brought to you by the FarmED team and Cotswolds Seeds.

Regenerative Farming: Soil & Crop Health : 14th October 

A one-day course on the management of your arable or mixed farming operation using soil health principles.

Regenerative Farming: Grassland and Grazing : 20th October 

Would you like to use adaptive pasture management on your farm to save time and grow better grass?  In this course you'll learn the nuts and bolts of regenerative grazing management and whole farm planning to design farm layouts and grazing plans while minimising costs.

Holistic Management Fundamentals : 24th - 26th October 

FarmED is working with 3LM, The Savory Network Hub in the UK and Ireland, to deliver 12 days of comprehensive holistic management training in 2022 - 23. This training is ideal for pioneering farmers, land managers and advisors with a passion for regenerative agriculture. We are running the training over four three-day blocks in 2022-23.

An Introduction to Sustainable Farming and Food – Nourishing People and Regenerating the Planet : 29th October 

Join us for an informative and inspiring day on the farm to explore the challenges and opportunities in sustainable farming and food and how we can nourish people and regenerate the planet.

Herbal Ley Establishment & Management : 9th November 

Join us for a one day course on Herbal Leys Establishment and Management brought to you by the FarmED team and Cotswolds Seeds.

Regenerative Farming: Improving Your Arable Rotation : 10th November 

Ready to apply the principles of regenerative soil health to take your arable operation to the next level? If you've completed the Fundamentals of Regenerative Soil Health course and are ready to integrate the principles of soil health in your arable operation then this course is for you.Led by agroecological advisor, Niels Corfield, this workshop will enable you to apply the soil health principles to specific arable management practices.

Transpersonal Leadership for a Sustainable Future : 14th November

We need great people to lead us towards a sustainable future and through the regenerative transition. Whether you are a champion in your local community, a pioneering farmer, an eco-entrepreneur building a team or a purpose driven manager within an NGO, this course is for you. 

Market Gardening: From Soil to Sales : 15th November 

Whether you want to start a market garden from scratch or are looking for ways to regenerate your existing vegetable business, this course provides the opportunity to learn all there is to market gardening.

Holistic Financial Planning : 28th November 

FarmED is working with 3LM, The Savory Network Hub in the UK and Ireland, to deliver 12 days of comprehensive holistic management training in 2022-23.

Please visit https://www.farm-ed.co.uk/eventsprogramme to find out more and book your places. 

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