Green Light for New Woodland at Honeydale

Posted: 30th January 2018

The Woodland Trust have just given the green light for the MOREwoods Project to proceed at Honeydale Farm, creating a new woodland covering 0.55 hectares.

The woodland will form a shelter belt around the new farm track at the north end of the farm, protecting against prevailing winds, and will comprise 1575 native shrubs and 675 trees.

The trees will include approximately 75 Crabapple trees and 400 Field Maple as well as 50 Beech trees, 50 Downy Birch, 50 Wild Cherry and 50 Bird Cherry. Shrubs to be planted include 900 Hawthorn, 300 hazel, 200 spindle, as well as 75 Blackthorn, 50 Dogwood and Dog Rose. 

The aim of the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods Project is to give both practical and financial assistance to help create more native woodlands ‘for the benefit of people, wildlife and landscape’.

Following the completion of a bespoke site report, the Woodland Trust have helped to design the woodland and to select the most appropriate species mix.

Planting at Honeydale is scheduled to be completed by local nursery, Nicholsons, by the end of March 2018.

We are very grateful to the Woodland Trust for their invaluable assistance with this project.

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