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Posted: 9th February 2022

Come and Learn More About Holistic Management, Regenerative Soil Health and Herbal Leys

Are you a farmer, land manager or adviser with a passion for regenerative agriculture? Are you a grower wanting to follow agroecological principles? Do you want to learn more about holistic management?

Working with 3LM, top agroecological adviser Niels Corfield, and the team at Cotswold Seeds, we have a range of new courses lined up for 2022 -  all designed to inspire, educate and connect.

All training is based at FarmED. In addition to the formal sessions and guest speakers you can explore the farm and you’ll be fed nutritious, seasonal, and locally produced food from our kitchen. 

If funding is a barrier to you, we can help. We have a bursary pot which we can use to help fund or part fund core fees and other expenses for those that will benefit most. There are discounts available on some courses for PFLA and GREAT members.

Regenerative Grazing: Principles, Planning & Application - 24th and 25th February 

Are you ready to take your grazing to the next level? Would you like to use adaptive pasture management on your farm to save time and grow better grass? In this course, led by agroecological advisor, Niels Corfield,you'll learn the nuts and bolts of regenerative grazing and whole farm planning to design farm layouts and grazing plans while minimising costs.

Herbal Ley Establishment & Management - 8th March

A herbal ley is a complex seed mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs, which bring a range of benefits to forage, livestock health and soil fertility. This one day course is brought to you by the FarmED team and Cotswolds Seeds.

Regenerative Soil Health: From Principles to Practice - 10th March

Grasped the fundamentals and ready to regenerate your farming operation? In this one-day workshop, led by agroecological adviser Niels Corfield, you will learn how to apply the principles of regenerative soil health to the management of your farming operation. 

An Introduction to Sustainable Farming and Food –  16th March 

Join us for an informative and inspiring day on the farm to explore the challenges and opportunities in sustainable farming and food and how we can nourish people and regenerate the planet.

Farming with Pollinators - 17th March

Pollinators are vital to the balance of our ecosystems and the sustainability of our food supply chain, but they need our help! On this course we'll take a look at how you can play your role in protecting pollinators by providing corridors, refuges, pollen, nectar and prey.

Think Through Nutrition - Exploring Farming, Food Nutrition and Brain Health - 22nd March

The food we consume influences the health of our gut and our brains and has a direct impact on how we think, feel and behave.This unique knowledge exchange event delivered by Think Through Nutrition and FarmED explores the profound links between the farmed environment, the soil beneath our feet, the food system, food quality and nutrition, gut health, brain health and human behaviour.

Regenerative Arable Farming - 23rd March

Ready to apply the principles of regenerative soil health to take your arable operation to the next level? Then this course, led by agroecological advisor, Niels Corfield, is for you.

Winter Fruit Tree Pruning - 30th March 

Join FarmED's Orchard Designer Andy Howard to learn the theory, skills and practice of winter pruning for fruit trees such as apple and pear.

Holistic Management - 28th to 30th March (plus blocks in April, May and June)

FarmED is working with 3LM, The Savory Network Hub in the UK and Ireland, to deliver 12 days of comprehensive holistic management training in 2022.This training is ideal for pioneering farmers, land managers and advisers with a passion for regenerative agriculture. We are running the training over four three-day blocks looking at the fundamentals of holistic management, the concepts of land planning and ecological monitoring, holistic planned grazing and financial planning.

Water Resilience & Natural Flood Management - 6th April 

Join us for a one day workshop exploring a range of techniques for managing water effectively on farms. In particular we'll take a look at techniques to slow, sink, spread, and stop water.

Honeytasting at Honeydale - 14th April 

Honey is like wine - it belongs to a place and is the product of a particular climate, flora and geology. It’s unique composition tells a distinctive and interesting story! Come along to Honeydale Farm, the land on which FarmED exists, and let us initiate you into the wonderful world of honey! 

Dawn Chorus Walk - 1st May

Join conservationist Nick Patel to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day.

FarmED Literature Festival - 15th May

Our inaugural literature festival, co-curated with Chelsea Green Publishing, is a celebration of words, stories and experiences from the wonderful world of agroecology, regenerative farming and sustainable food.

Bioindicators: What Can Weeds Teach Us? - 18th May

What if weeds are viewed as bioindicators that can inform us about soil health or management practices? 

Managing Grassland for Horse Health and Biodiversity - 19th May

Want to know more about horse nutrition and the health benefits of species-rich grasslands? Interested in maximising the positive impact that your equine businesses has on landscape and biodiversity? This one day workshop will include guest speakers, case studies, a farm walk and local field visit. 

Oxford Real Farming Conference in the Field - 6th/7th July 

Feeling inspired by the sessions at the Oxford Real Farming Conference? Do you want to continue the discussion in a small group setting and share deeper knowledge in the field?  Join us for two days of field-based application and practitioner led discussion focusing on agroecology, regenerative farming and sustainable food.  

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