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Posted: 19th May 2021

Come and Learn More About Holistic Management, Regenerative Soil Health, Herbal Leys and Permaculture

Are you a farmer, land manager or adviser with a passion for regenerative agriculture? Are you a grower wanting to follow agroecological principles? Do you want to learn more about holistic management?

If so...we have just added more events to the FarmED Programme - check them out!

Working with 3LM, top agroecological adviser Niels Corfield, permaculture designer Caroline Aitken and the team at Cotswold Seeds, we have developed a range of unique courses designed for you - all designed to inspire, educate and connect.

All training is based at FarmED. In addition to the formal sessions and guest speakers you can explore the farm and you’ll be fed nutritious, seasonal, and locally produced food from our kitchen. 

If funding is a barrier to you, we can help. We have a bursary pot which we can use to help fund or part fund core fees and other expenses for those that will benefit most. There are discounts available on some courses for PFLA members and Cotswold Seeds customers. 

The new modules are as follows:

Herbal Ley Establishment & Management 

Join us for a one day course on Herbal Leys Establishment and Management led by the FarmED and Cotswolds Seeds teams. A herbal ley is a complex seed mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs, which bring a range of benefits to forage, livestock health and soil fertility. Herbal leys can often include a mixture of up to 17 species, and can be incorporated into arable, livestock or horticultural operations.The benefits to using herbal leys are as diverse as the species they contain.  Come and learn first hand and see our herbal ley farming system.

Holistic Management Training

FarmED is working with 3LM, The Savory Network Hub in the UK and Ireland, to deliver 12 days of comprehensive holistic management training, starting in July. This training is ideal for pioneering farmers, land managers and advisers with a passion for regenerative agriculture. 

We are running the training over four three-day blocks in 2021. We will first introduce the fundamentals of holistic management before we explore the concepts of land planning and ecological monitoring, holistic planned grazing and financial planning.

  • Course 1: Holistic Management Fundamentals (19th – 21st July 2021)
  • Course 2: Holistic Ecological Monitoring and Land Planning (22nd - 24th September 2021)
  • Course 3: Holistic Planned Grazing (18th – 20th October 2021)
  • Course 4: Holistic Financial Planning (22nd – 24th November 2021)

As an added bonus all participants will be given lifetime access to the Regrarians workplace - a private online knowledge community led by internationally renowned educator and regenerative farmer Darren J. Doherty.

This training is accredited by the Savory Institute and is the gateway to becoming an accredited professional educator, adviser, monitor and verifier in Holistic Management.

Introduction to Permaculture

Permaculture offers a way of creating spaces and systems that are driven by a set of design principles, inspired by natural self-sustaining systems and based upon the ethics of caring for people, the planet and our combined future. The permaculture design framework has inspired and been utilized as a practical way to design and manage agroecological farming systems by countless farms and other food growing spaces around the world. 

In this introductory module led by experienced permaculture designer, Caroline Aitken, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about permaculture design principles and ethics and how to apply them to your daily life, as well as being introduced to agroecological farming methods and techniques utilised in permaculture design.

Exploring the Soil that Feeds Us

What's the difference between soil and dirt? Put simply, it's a matter of life and death!

While that may seem like a bold statement, it is the living microorganisms that reside in soil that contribute to healthy plants, livestock, farms and ultimately nutritious food for people. Without these microorganisms, we're left with dirt and you can't grow good food in dirt! 

So join the FarmED team on a journey into the hidden world beneath our feet, for a day of inspiring talks and group discussions, a farm walk, soil testing practicals and a nutritious and seasonal lunch.

Regenerative Soil Health For Arable Farmers

Would you like to be able to create healthy soils and resilient fields for arable crops while reducing reliance on inputs, even during droughts? On this course, led by agroecological adviser Niels Corfield with the FarmED team, you will learn how to apply the principles of regenerative agriculture to improve and monitor soil health in your arable operation, for optimum crop performance. The course opens with a one day fundamentals session followed by two days of focused work on arable soils and systems.

Regenerative Soil Health for Horticultural Growers

From large horticultural operations to market gardens, when soil health principles are followed, they bring real results: better soil structure, healthier crops, and more consistent yields. Whether you are a large horticultural grower or smaller market gardener this course, led by agroecological adviser Niels Corfield and the FarmED team, will enable you to apply these principles to improve soil health for optimum horticultural performance.The course opens with a one day fundamentals session followed by two days of focused work on horticultural soils and systems.

Regenerative Soil Health For Graziers & Livestock

Do you want to be able to use regenerative grazing techniques to improve soil health for more balanced and productive pastures? On this course, led by agroecological adviser Niels Corfield with the FarmED team, you will learn how to apply the principles of regenerative agriculture to improve and monitor soil health on your farm, for optimum pasture and livestock health. The course opens with a one day fundamentals session followed by two days of focused work on grassland soils and systems.

We will be adding more modules and courses through the year, so do keep checking our newsletter and the events calendar. 


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