Coming Soon: FarmED

Posted: 16th May 2019

FarmED, at Honeydale Farm, is a new centre for Farming and Food Education, focusing on the crucial link between good food and good farming.

With all the current changes in farming, FarmED provides an inspirational place for groups to share knowledge and debate how to grow good food - good for us and good for the planet.

There is lecture space, a kitchen, and demonstration area. What makes us unique is that these facilities are surrounded by a real farm with: Crop rotation and trial plots, natural flood management, woodland and wildlife habitats, livestock, orchard and apiary.

So each event that you -  or we - organise at FarmED can include a farm walk, talk and great food.

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Centre for diverse farming in the Cotswolds.

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About Us

It's always been part of our vision to have a farm as an extension of the Cotswold Seeds business and in 2013 we bought Honeydale Farm, one hundred acres in the Cotswolds. During the past couple of years we've been making huge progress on the farm and this blog was set up to share this progress with our friends in the farming world.