Bee Good

Posted: 20th July 2018

Another great inspection this week with lots of good news to report.

In the national hive, the bees have made good progress at 'drawing out' comb on the new super I added last week.

The queen is still laying well, with lots of eggs visible (see pic). Meanwhile the new colony inside the WBC in the nuc box is also establishing nicely.

There are more fresh eggs that have been recently laid, and the bees are bringing in good stores. They are building comb on the new frames and in a week or two we will transfer them into a full brood box.

While doing the inspection, I also noticed a lot of bright orange pollen being brought back to the hive. You can see the bee in this picture with its bright orange pollen sacks. If anyone knows what plant this is likely to be from then please let us know!

The sainfoin in the field beside the apiary is helping to keep the bees happy and busy! It’s now flowering for the second time after being cut, and the bees are loving it. I walked through the crop and there were honeybees everywhere!

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