News From the FarmED Apiary

Posted: 15th May 2019

I have just completed my first full inspection of the season, although Chris has already done two inspections at the FarmED apiary, and kindly kept an eye on my hives too. Thankfully, my remaining hive was still alive, but since last week, when Chris visited, the number of bees had vastly ...

Research and Trials

Posted: 21st February 2019

Over the last year we’ve been working with various organisations and researchers on a series of ongoing crop trials and experiments at Honeydale Farm.  Diverse Forages Project (SARIC)  We are glad to be one of twelve satellite farms involved in the Diverse Forages Project, ...

Healthy Soil, Food & Farming in the US

Posted: 21st February 2019

  With the development of our Centre for Diverse Farming now moving ahead apace, Ian recently went on a food and farming reconnaissance visit to the eastern side of the United States to look at three similar and sympathetic organisations over the pond.  Honeydale Meets ...

Feeding the Farm Birds

Posted: 13th December 2018

Last job of the day as the darkness approaches all too quickly. The third year of a two farm experiment on the effects of supplementary winter feeding of farmland birds. In addition to feeders in the trees, seed at the rate of 10kg a day is scattered in the bird food plot which at the moment is ...

Kitchen Garden Summer Update

Posted: 6th November 2018

The Kitchen Garden People’s first summer at Honeydale has been a great success, despite the challenges of the weather and the building work going on for the development of the new centre for diverse farming. Emma, Dan and Christine always compare costs of their vegetables to supermarket ...

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Centre for diverse farming in the Cotswolds.

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About Us

It's always been part of our vision to have a farm as an extension of the Cotswold Seeds business and in 2013 we bought Honeydale Farm, one hundred acres in the Cotswolds. During the past couple of years we've been making huge progress on the farm and this blog was set up to share this progress with our friends in the farming world.