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Late Season Sowing for Forage

With all of the recent forage shortages after the long, hot summer it’s still not too late to plant seed. The clocks will be going back in a few weeks, officially bringing British summertime to an end, and while it’s risky to sow clovers this late in the year, some people do choose to take the chance.  However it is still quite safe to sow the more aggressive grass only mixtures.

 Mixtures featuring ryegrass - perennial, hybrid and Italian, or Westerwold - are high yielding and very fast to establish. So, as long as the weather stays on your side and remains mild for a few weeks longer, these grass only seed mixtures should still get away well, establishing now and covering the ground for the winter, ready to get growing again in the spring.


Date Posted: 6th October 2018


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