Sowing Trees at Honeydale

Posted: 19th April 2018

Yesterday, Ian and Danny, Champion of Trees, were busy at Honeydale sowing half an acre of tree seeds, a project being run in conjunction with The Woodland Trust, Jenny Phelps from FWAGSW and Forestart, which specialises in seed collection from sources throughout Britain. Jenny Phelps’s ...
A group of landowners,  farmers, academics and business owners from the Cotswolds and further afield visited Honeydale this weekend for a meeting of minds and sharing of opinions and viewpoints. Ian Wilkinson led a farm walk, looking at the importance of farming diversity and sustainable ...

How Beehives Survive Snow

Posted: 15th March 2018

We’re very pleased to report that our bees seem to have survived the Siberian blizzards and subzero temperatures that stuck the Cotswolds, as well as much of the rest of the country, earlier this month. We won’t be carrying out any proper inspections for a few weeks yet, but ...

Hungry Birds

Posted: 5th February 2018

When our bird expert, Dr Richard K Broughton, came to Honeydale just before Christmas, he noted that the main birdfood/bumblebird plots had been almost exhausted, so the 250 Linnets from the previous month were down to about 25 on the whole farm, most of which were feeding on the mustard, which was ...

Guarding the Orchard

Posted: 5th February 2018

We’ve begun replacing the guards in the heritage orchard. The original guards, put in two years ago when the trees were planted, were temporary tubes which the trees have now outgrown and some of them have also been partially dislodged by the grazing sheep. We’re replacing them all ...

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It's always been part of our vision to have a farm as an extension of the Cotswold Seeds business and in 2013 we bought Honeydale Farm, one hundred acres in the Cotswolds. During the past couple of years we've been making huge progress on the farm and this blog was set up to share this progress with our friends in the farming world.