Go Wild at Honeydale

Posted: 30th August 2018

As part of the Wychwood Project’s popular Go Wild summer day camp, a group of 8-12 year olds visited Honeydale Farm to learn about beekeeping, healthy soil, fruit orchards, farm trees, birds, insects and more. The children took part in a range of activities including a pollination game, bug ...
Martin Lane, Director of Cotswold Conservation Board, visited Honeydale Farm today in connection with the National Parks and AONB Review, which commenced in June. Chairman Julian Glover is working with an Advisory Panel, including Fiona Reynolds, ex CEO at CPRE and the National Trust and Jim ...
After so many weeks of hot, dry weather, it’s quite hard to imagine what conditions were like at the start of the spring, when the atypical cold spell and last heavy days of rain were causing us problems. Firstly, sowing was delayed because the soil wasn’t warm enough, and then, on the ...

Bee Good

Posted: 20th July 2018

Another great inspection this week with lots of good news to report. In the national hive, the bees have made good progress at 'drawing out' comb on the new super I added last week. The queen is still laying well, with lots of eggs visible (see pic). Meanwhile the new colony inside the WBC in ...

Bees Beat The Heat

Posted: 11th July 2018

We’ve been back to check on how the Honeydale apiary is faring following its demolition by sheep. I took Jack, our work experience lad, to inspect the new nuc in the WBC hive and the big National hive. It was hot work during this heatwave, but very cheering.   The Nuc box now has a ...

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It's always been part of our vision to have a farm as an extension of the Cotswold Seeds business and in 2013 we bought Honeydale Farm, one hundred acres in the Cotswolds. During the past couple of years we've been making huge progress on the farm and this blog was set up to share this progress with our friends in the farming world.